Best Restaurants in Pisa

Ristorante Buca Di San Ranieri

$$$ Via Gian Battista Queirolo, 25, 56125, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Fine dining
The Tuscan culinary art prefers simplicity despite the variety and harmony of flavours. Strengthened by this tradition, the Buca di San Ranieri restaurant offers meat and fish specialities in a rich selection of dishes prepared with extreme care and only with strictly first-choice ingredients. An ingredient that characterizes Pisan cuisine is the truffle, particularly prized in this area, as well as the wines and olive oil, among the most renowned in Tuscany. Many traditional Pisan dishes are prepared, including bread soup and ribollita, pappa al pomodoro, rice with truffles, bordering alla piscina, tripe and much more. The restaurant's elegant atmosphere attracts numerous customers, eager to try a 360° Tuscan culinary experience, in the heart of Pisa, in the historic centre.

Ristorante La Terrazza

$$ Viale Del Tirreno, 313, 56128, Pisa
Italian European Mediterranean Elegant & Chic Pizzeria Cocktail Bar
On the Tuscan Tyrrhenian coasts, we find beautiful landscapes but not only, but also many fish restaurants. We see a fabulous cocktail bar restaurant that catches the eye of them. Let's talk about the La Terrazza Restaurant. Since the legendary 80s, it has been an unmissable destination for tourists and Pisans with its bar for breakfasts and snacks, the restaurant specializing in fish dishes, the pizzeria with wood-burning oven and the lounge bar for aperitifs and cocktails. Enjoy an aperitif or a cocktail to finish the day with friends. The welcome is comfortable, the cuisine of quality, and the service attentive and attentive in a modern and familiar environment. Business lunch in the company of colleagues and friends. Or a family lunch with your loved ones. A romantic lunch on the weekend or mid-week to break the routine. Everyday dishes prepared with fresh fish and land-based alternatives are offered. The menu ranges from seafood specialities to land choices to pizza.

Ristorante Il Cavaliere Nero

$$$ Viale Del Tirreno, 189, 56128, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual Pizzeria
On the Tuscan Tyrrhenian coast, far from the hustle and bustle of the city, to be exact in Tirrenia, in the province of Pisa, on the seafront, we find a beautiful restaurant that is hard not to notice for its beauty and elegance. Let's talk about the restaurant pizzeria "Il Cavaliere Nero". This is the ideal place for lovers of fresh fish and wood-fired pizza. Sober and welcoming, elegant and informal simultaneously, it offers excellent new seafood dishes cooked by Chef Mario. Among the founders of "Le Tavole di San Giorgio", with his culinary experience, he combines the seafaring tradition with typical Tuscan land dishes by reservation, all accompanied by a careful selection of wines. The fragrant pizza cooked in a wooden oven is also delicious. Il Cavaliere Nero is surrounded by a garden where it can dine while enjoying the cool air on summer evenings. Children are welcome, and a special menu is dedicated to them.

Bagno Italia Ristorante

$$$$ Via Litoranea, 10, 56128, Pisa
Italian European Mediterranean Premium Casual
Bagno Italia is not just a restaurant. It is the perfect fusion between refined cuisine and a great party atmosphere. Michele and Andrea are committed daily to offering you dishes prepared with class mixed with selected music and a great desire for fun. It is the ideal place for your essential but slightly unconventional dinner. Dinners with live music, lunches with DJ sets by the sea and much more. The concept that has always distinguished Bagno Italia is to make everyone feel at ease, just like at home, but with the convenience of being pampered and delighted with the best gastronomic and wine selection. Bagno Italia is the perfect setting for any occasion, from business lunches to romantic dinners, corporate events, ceremonies, and theme nights.

Ristorante "Da Gino"

$$$ Via Curzolari, 2, 56128, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
On the coasts of Marina di Pisa, navigated and very crowded by residents and tourists, full of clubs and restaurants, a delightful family restaurant, the Da Gino restaurant, steals the show. A place where you can taste quality fish cooked simply respecting tradition and ancient recipes with some "unscheduled". Fish-based dishes, as tradition dictates, and as tradition has been handed down for generations in Gino's family, from grandmother to mother. The fish soup, the famous Caciucco, the agerto alla pozzolana, or the fantastic fried fish, fresh, caught during the day and served at night to guarantee the absolute freshness of the local products.

Teste & Lische

$$$ Piazza Gorgona, 7, 56128, Pisa
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
We are on the seafront of Marina di Pisa, a few steps from the beach, and here we find the Teste e Lische restaurant. A simple, casual, family restaurant that overlooks the sea and offers its customers the opportunity to eat excellent Mediterranean cuisine with a view of the beautiful Tuscan Tyrrhenian Sea. Thanks to the close relationship with the sea, the restaurant's cuisine offers fish as the main ingredient, used as a main course among the second courses, and as a condiment for first courses and appetizers. Homemade pasta to bind with grouper sauce, or seafood linguine with clams and mussels, and much more.

Ristoro Redipuglia

$$$ Via Aurelia Sud, 7, 56121, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Far from the traffic and noise and the hustle and bustle of the city of Pisa, we find the Ristoro Re di Puglia in the countryside outside the town. A beautifully rustic and welcoming farmhouse, created in a typical Tuscan farmhouse dating back to the early 1900s, with exposed beams, rafters, and terracotta floors. The cuisine is homemade, based on fresh ingredients, mainly from our production. All the raw materials used are selected and of first quality. The cooking is effortless, essential, and peasant, with many meat-based dishes, thanks to the numerous farms in the area, house specialities, and wine.

La Vecchia Cascina

$$ Via San Biagio, 68, 56124, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style Pizzeria
We find a small restaurant on the outskirts of Pisa, in front of the Pisana Cisanello university hospital. La Vecchia Cascina is ready to welcome you, offering numerous alternatives to meet the needs of each customer. La Vecchia Cascina, Restaurant and Pizzeria, offers its customers the possibility of using a quick menu for lunch. At the same time, in the evening, it focuses on providing the hospitality and warmth of typical Tuscan cuisine to enjoy a characteristic dinner accompanied by a wine from the extensive cellar that the restaurant has. The dishes offered are cooked passionately by the chefs, with attention to fresh and quality ingredients.

Ristorante Squisitia

$$$$ Via Filippo Mazzei, 2, 56124, Pisa
Italian Elegant & Chic
To enjoy all the flavours of Pisan and Tuscan cuisine, with typical seasonal dishes such as truffles, mushrooms, and products from the park; there is the Squisitia Restaurant, the renowned restaurant of the San Ranieri Hotel, which has always offered its customers truly superlative recipes. The restaurant stands out for the excellence of its handcrafted products, such as pasta, bread and pastries, which are served with care and friendship by our expert and attentive staff. Among the many flavours that you can taste at the Squisitia Restaurant, you will find unique and particular ones, including the Truffle of the San Miniato hills, Pisan Zootechnical products including the Mucco Pisano and Lamb from the San Rossore Park, Cheeses, pine nuts, honey from the Park of San Rossore and much more.

Ristorante Il Colonnino

$$ Via Sant'Andrea, 37, 56127, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
The Il Colonnino restaurant, located in the heart of Pisa, near the Verdi Theater and the main streets of the historic centre, offers a warm and rustic environment in a location which, with its stone walls and vaults, recalls an osteria d' other times. Purely family management gives a hospitable and comfortable atmosphere. You can dine by candlelight while appreciating one of the many selected labels or prestigious bottles from the wine list. The typical dishes of the Tuscan and Pisan tradition have always been served, carefully choosing each ingredient and putting all the passion into what is done. The traditional dishes are presented and served with simplicity, letting the customer concentrate all the attention on the aromas and flavours; for the revisited recipes and dishes, we allow ourselves to be guided by a vein of creativity even in the presentation.

San Domenico Italian Bistrot

$$$$ Corte San Domenico, Corso Italia, 139, 56125, Pisa
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic Bistrot
A place where you can appreciate the alchemy of traditional flavours with unusual ones, where research and reinterpretation are the constant daily inspiration, and where courtesy and passion are at home. Chef Salvo and his staff are waiting to welcome you in their corner of delicacies, a simple but elegant environment, small but spacious, suitable for any occasion and never intrusive, to create that harmony that will allow you to taste every course that you will choose entirely. The San Domenico Italian Bistrot, nestled in the heart of the city of Pisa, located in the Corte San Domenico in Pisa, in Corso Italia 139, is the result of years of experience and love for cooking.

IJY Sushi & Fusion

$$$ Lungarno Galileo Galilei, 26, 56125, Pisa
Chinese Japanese Asian Elegant & Chic
Close to the Arno River, a few steps from the national museum and the Palazzo Blu, in the heart of Pisa, we find IJY sushi fusion restaurant, which offers you a rich and varied selection of traditional Japanese and Chinese dishes, a mix of flavours and alternatives of great taste and goodness that will make you experience an incredible journey into the oriental culinary tradition. The IJY Japanese restaurant offers its customers the best fish and meat dishes from Japanese and Chinese cuisine, prepared with refined and delicious raw materials that delight even the most demanding palates. You can enjoy hosomaki, sashimi, sushi, fish tartare, temaki, soy noodles, and many proposals for fans of Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Anita Osteria

$$$ Piazza Del Pozzetto, 5, 56127, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining
A stone's throw from the Lungarno, in Piazza del Pozzetto, and a few meters from the central Piazza Garibaldi, we find one of the best-known taverns in the Pisan culinary scene, namely Anita Osteria. A place where celebrities from the world of entertainment and beyond have had the pleasure of sitting down to eat. A traditional Italian cuisine, but revisited in a modern key thanks to the chef's study and attention to detail. Each dish retains an unforgettable memory leaving an incredible scent in the room, upsetting every diner's palate. Fresh, autochthonous, Tuscan products guarantee freshness, control and certified quality.

Osteria Dei Cavalieri

$$$ Via S. Frediano, 16, 56126, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
The Osteria dei Cavalieri is located in the historic heart of Pisa, a few steps from the homonymous square and the famous Piazza dei Miracoli, in a frame of glimpses where time seems to have stopped. At the Osteria, getting up from the table with a feeling of celebration is still possible, conquered by what was not just a meal but an experience. In a warm and relaxing atmosphere, a place that combines the dishes of the most sincere Tuscan cuisine with refined gastronomic proposals interpreted with ever-new creativity. The words of the Osteria are born in an atmosphere of perfect balance between innovation and tradition. A now historic restaurant for Pisa, which has made itself known worldwide for its menus, combined with the great choice of a cellar full of discoveries and great classics. For groups with a large number of diners (at least 15 people), the Osteria dei Cavalieri offers special menus and solutions throughout the year.

Ristorante I Paccheri

$$$$ Via Carlo Matteucci, 81, 56124, Pisa
Italian European Mediterranean Fine dining Elegant & Chic
A little further in the peripheral area of Pisa, inside the beautiful Hotel Repubblica Marinara, we find a beautiful and delicious restaurant of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, the I Paccheri restaurant. An elegant and refined restaurant which offers traditional cuisine, taking up the recipe book of the old family recipes and transforming them into pure art. Each dish wants to tell an old story thanks to its beauty, refinement and attention to detail. Strictly native materials, whether it's fish, meat, pasta, vegetables and more, at the I Paccheri restaurant local raw materials, which smell of Tuscany. This makes the dishes so delicious.

Ristorante Trattoria Da Mario

$$$ Via Luigi Bianchi, 19, 56123, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
In the heart of Pisa, a few steps from the historic centre and the Tower, we find a small family-run restaurant in full Tuscan style. The restaurant da Mario, the famous owner and founder of the business, is well known for being one of those places where Tuscany comes to life in the form of first and second courses. A welcoming and straightforward place where you can eat in company with family or friends. A traditional Tuscan cuisine that brings the greatest Maremma classics back to the table. Da Mario in Pisa, you will find that taste of home that is so missing, surrounded by appetizers and first and second courses typical of the tradition.

La Sosta Dei Cavalieri Pisa

$$$$ Via S. Frediano, 3, 56126, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
In the heart of Pisa, a few meters from the historic Piazza dei Cavalieri, is La Sosta Dei Cavalieri, a welcoming restaurant that offers its guests the authenticity of an excellent food and wine experience consumed in a warm and elegant setting. The offer of the La Sosta dei Cavalieri restaurant is characterized by the variety of its courses, always made with fresh raw materials to guarantee a 360-degree goodness of the dish. The Cucina della Sosta dei Cavalieri prepares the great dishes of the Tuscan tradition, new proposals, and innovative combinations for a menu that is never banal and always full of surprises: because the actual value of good food lies in the pleasure of discovery.

Ristorante La Buca

$$$ Via Massimo D'Azeglio, 6, 56100, Pisa
Italian European Mediterranean Casual Dining
In the enchanting atmosphere of the La Buca restaurant, you can spend unforgettable moments of pleasure, savouring the ancient flavours of the typical Tuscan cuisine with fresh and genuine products, ideal for those who think that eating is a pleasure and not just a need. La Buca restaurant in Pisa is a refined and high-quality restaurant; it offers its customers delicious meat and fish dishes using traditional Tuscan cuisine recipes, thanks to the experience of the chef Iovine Carmine and all his staff. In the restaurant, you can taste real Chianina meat, Mucco Pisano and fresh fish, all dishes of ancient Tuscan tradition, all accompanied by over two hundred labels of fine Tuscan, Pisan, Chianti and national wines from the well-stocked cellar.

Osteria In Domo

$$ Via Santa Maria, 129, 56126, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Premium Casual
You will find the Osteria in Domo in the heart of Pisa, a stone's throw from Piazza dei Miracoli and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A modern tavern that offers excellent traditional cuisine or dishes revisited by the chef of both meat and fish. All the local specialities are made with always fresh, top-quality raw materials and selected daily to satisfy every customer. A modern, contemporary tavern, an elegant but informal environment a stone's throw from the Tower of Pisa, where tradition and innovation come together in a menu that enhances the area's excellence and is interpreted with simplicity, freshness and creativity. The passion for quality food and the cuisine of the Pisan and Tuscan traditions drives us to prepare all the products offered to customers by the hand and from fresh pasta to homemade desserts, up to focaccia in a pan, equipped only with top quality ingredients to conquer the taste buds of guests with excellent products.

Osteria Micheletti

$$ Via Rosselmini, 9, 56125, Pisa
Italian Mediterranean Casual Dining Family Style
Close to the Arno River and located in the centre between the church of Santa Maria dalla Spina and the National Museum of San Matteo, in the centre of Pisa, we find the Osteria Micheletti. A staple of Pisan and Tuscan catering, one of the longest-lived and oldest taverns on the Pisan food and wine scene. Standard-bearer of Mediterranean and Tuscan cuisine, the tavern is among the most visited and loved places by residents and beyond. Simple, familiar, casual site and atmosphere frame a high-level cuisine full of love, passion, in-depth knowledge of raw materials and genuinely unique product quality. Perfect ingredients that, when mixed, give life to an actual mausoleum of Tuscan cuisine in the heart of charming Pisa.
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