Ristorante Il Bronco

About Us

Nestled in the picturesque Scarperia e San Piero, Ristorante Il Bronco is a testament to genuine Tuscan culinary traditions. A haven for gastronomes, this establishment seamlessly blends the homely atmosphere of a classic Italian trattoria with the refined elegance that Tuscany is celebrated for. As you step into Ristorante Il Bronco, a rustic ambience welcomes you. The walls, adorned with vintage photographs and memorabilia, tell tales of yesteryears, while the soft glow from the chandeliers casts a warm, inviting light. Antique wooden tables, set with care, await the symphony of flavours about to unfold. At the heart of Il Bronco's culinary philosophy is a deep respect for local ingredients. Harnessing the richness of Tuscany's terroir, the kitchen brings dishes that sing of the seasons to life. Freshly harvested vegetables, locally sourced meats, and artisanal cheeses form the backbone of a nostalgic and innovative menu. Each plate, meticulously crafted, tells a story — of tradition, passion, and the sheer joy of Italian cuisine. The pasta dishes are particularly noteworthy, each strand or shape made in-house, capturing the essence of age-old recipes passed down through generations. These dishes dance with flavours and textures, paired with robust sauces that simmer for hours.
Cuisines Italian, Mediterranean
Restaurant Type Casual Dining, Family Style
Cuisine Styles Gluten Free, Steakhouse
Services Smoking Area, Takeaway, Disabled access, Outdoor Seating, Parking
Payment Options Cash, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Map & Contacts

Address Viale Dante Alighieri, 95
Scarperia e San Piero, 50038
Telephone (+39) 0558430207